AI is the perfect tool to automate low value, repetitive tasks

Artificial Intelligence will improve your work life

Work smarter with Microsoft Copilot

So Smart, thanks to the powerful technologies made available by Microsoft, provides many functionalities that make use of artificial intelligence.

In a rapidly evolving landscape like that of artificial intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is at the forefront thanks to innovations that have enabled over 30,000 small and medium-sized businesses to achieve success.

Empowered by next-generation AI, Microsoft Copilot offers new ways to enhance workplace efficiency, automate daily tasks, and unleash creativity. In a context where almost two out of three people admit to struggling to find the time and energy to perform their best at work, Copilot helps to save time and enables employees to focus on the most relevant tasks.

Why is it important to embrace artificial intelligence now?

In the near future, all companies will be using AI for some of their day-to-day business processes.  Embracing this technology now will prevent you from falling behind your competition.

AI is a data revolution rivaling the Industrial Revolution itself.  Don't be left behind by doing the same things the same way forever.  Read below on how Microsoft CoPilot is already transforming business processes within Business Central.

The use of artificial intelligence in enterprise management software is truly a winning move. We are not just talking about simplifying life, but about transforming the way we do activities. Imagine having a technological assistant that not only automates tasks but also looks into data, predicts what will happen, and gives you useful advice. It's like having an experienced collaborator helping you make smart decisions.

Artificial intelligence can really make a difference in everyday work

What Microsoft Copilot does: real-life examples

Microsoft 365 Dynamics Business Central

Using natural language will allow you to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC more easily.

  • Are you looking for your data? You can ask Copilot: "Show me the latest sales order for Mario Rossi"
  • Do you need explanations and guidance to learn Business Central concepts? Ask Copilot: "How can I save list filters so that I can reuse them later?"

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Copilot allows you to talk with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC
Copilot allows you to talk with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

Copilot speeds up bank reconciliation
Copilot speeds up bank reconciliation

Bank reconciliation with Copilot

Thanks to Microsoft Copilot, you can reconcile bank statements and match transactions with bank accounting entries more quickly.

Small and medium-sized business accountants need to import bank statements and reconcile transactions with bank accounting entries to ensure that all transactions are accounted for. Even though Business Central streamlines this task through rule-based matching of transactions, the residual work required to process unmatched transactions each week remains significant and can quickly turn into lost working days. Copilot reduces accounting activities by matching multiple transactions and suggesting CoGe accounts for recording the remaining transactions.

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Create marketing texts for E-Commerce

  • Start from an image
  • Insert attributes
  • Automatically create a marketing card with AI
  • Customize AI suggestions
  • Publish on Shopify
  • Send the item directly to your Shopify store to start selling immediately
  • Access the corresponding product in your Shopify store, just as your customers would see it.

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Copilot helps you write marketing texts
Copilot helps you write marketing texts

Customer service with artificial intelligence
Customer service with artificial intelligence

Advanced assistance with AI

So Smart has improved its customer service by integrating AI-based features, reducing response times by 50%. Each page of the system now includes an action called SO Helpdesk, which leverages an advanced chatbot and a contextual assistant based on So Smart's documentation, enhancing the quality and accuracy of the service.

For more information, read the article dedicated to AI-based support on our blog.

Data migration

Through the application of artificial intelligence, we are able to execute the migration of your tracks quickly. The automatic mapping establishes an effective connection between the fields of your previous tracks and the new ones, suggesting any conversion rules to ensure maximum precision in updating the data.


  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Items
  • Bill of Materials
  • General Ledger Balances
  • Accounts Payable Balances
  • Accounts Receivable Balances
  • Inventory Balances
  • Price Lists
  • Open Sales Orders
  • Open Purchase Orders
  • Sales Invoices
  • Purchase Invoices
Example of data migration mapping with artificial intelligence
Example of data migration mapping with artificial intelligence

Copilot and Microsoft 365

Copilot offers features that simplify tasks, automate workflows and improve collaboration


Start a draft, add to an existing document, rewrite text, or generate a summary.

  • Allow Copilot to create an initial draft, inspire ideas, and build a document based on what you've already done.
  • Need a brief summary of a longer presentation? Let Copilot highlight the key points.
  • Use Copilot to rewrite text and easily transform it into tables.
  • Short on time? Allow Copilot to summarize the document.


Deepen your data, identify insights, generate formulas, and more.

  • Use Copilot to help you explore and better understand your data.
  • Allow Copilot to analyze and visualize your data.
  • Easily highlight, filter, and sort the data.


Quickly initiate email sending, generate a summary, and easily retrieve long emails.

  • Save time in composing email messages with Copilot as your processing partner.
  • Use Copilot to transform lengthy email conversations into brief summaries.
  • Generate a summary of emails where you have been mentioned recently.


Create beautiful presentations, organize and summarize slideshows, and more.

  • Assign Copilot a topic and ask it to create a presentation draft.
  • Need a brief summary of a longer presentation? Let Copilot highlight the key points.
  • Allow Copilot to create a presentation by generating slides or images customized for your organization.

Power Platform

Power Platform is the tool for technology partners and customers who want to implement simple extensions or additional features to the system. With artificial intelligence, it's possible to create flows or pages using words!

Power Automate
AI helps you create automated flows, such as automatically responding within 3 days to opportunity emails or generating sales quotes by reading the content of emails or attachments.

Power Apps
The combination of a no-code tool and artificial intelligence allows us to automatically create apps based on a design.

Con Power Apps puoi sviluppare la tua app partendo da un disegno
Con Power Apps puoi sviluppare la tua app partendo da un disegno

Importa gli ordini EDI con AI
Importa gli ordini EDI con AI

Importing EDI orders

EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is a system that enables automated exchange of commercial documents between businesses. SO Smart utilizes Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence to automatically import sales orders in PDF format, eliminating the need for costly EDI interfaces. This approach streamlines operational flow, enabling efficient order management without expensive infrastructure investments.

Instantly transform customer email PDF attachments into sales orders in your management system using Artificial Intelligence.

For more information, read the dedicated article on importing EDI orders with AI on our blog.

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