Faster support with ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence

Advanced assistance with ChatGPT

Since February, we have launched a new free service for all our customers with the aim of improving the user experience and the quality of our daily support service.

We have integrated the service in So Smart with Artificial Intelligence from the now famous ChatGPT, the AI-based chatbot used to find answers from millions of users.

What's new for our customers?

A simple action, "SO Helpdesk," present on all pages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which initiates the So Smart ChatBot. It bases its responses on the documentation available to our customers on the So Smart Docs website.

Advanced support with the help of AI
Advanced support with the help of AI

What are the advantages compared to the previous management?

  1. 50% reduced response times! Our consultants are notified in real-time of the request, making it easier to assign them to people with the right skills.
  2. More information with less effort.

Often our consultants require additional information beyond the original request. With this innovation, many of these will be automatically recognized with the goal of improving the quality and precision of our service.

Here are some examples:

  • User used
  • License used
  • Company name being used
  • Environment name being used (Educational or Production)
  • Page from which the ChatBot was opened
  • Error for which the support request is opened with complete text
  • Selected row at the time of opening the ChatBot
  1. Helpful suggestions for self-resolution.

Artificial Intelligence and the continuous update of documentation will be a useful tool to help our customers have an immediate and resolutive response. This is why the ChatBot not only answers the question but also suggests related topics and provides a link to the documentation site related to the given answer.

A significant time saver. Now it's time to put the So Smart Artificial Intelligence to the test.

Don't forget to leave your feedback on the provided answers to help us improve even more!

So Smart is the simplest and quickest way to enter the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The solution that helps you automate processes, monitor real-time data, generate analytical reports, and control compliance. The integration of modules and functions based on artificial intelligence makes the management software even more useful and functional. So Smart is the cloud solution accessible from any browser, and besides your computer, you can also access it from smartphones or tablets by installing the dedicated app to monitor and plan your activities at any time, and it is 100% Microsoft software.

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