Simple to use, and highly customizable

Manufacturing and Assembly

With So Smart manufacturing software you can create simple, single level BOMs, or very complex multi-level BOM structures.  Routings allow for multiple work station labor setups for detailed production tracking and costing.

BOM and routing functionality

BOMs can include non-inventory items for picking and costing

Routings can include sub-contractors and machine centers as well

Plan internal production according to different models

You can modify the BOM or Routing on specific manufacturing orders

Make-To-Order: automatic issuance of assembly order upon sales order entry
Make-To-Stock: proposed creation of assembly orders based on desired stock levels
Make-To-Job: proposed creation of assembly orders based on planned orders

Consume and output multiple times on each manufacturing order

Detailed posting of transactions

Streamlined auditing & reporting of production processes

Powerful MPS engine included

Monitor production capacity and inventory availability

Perform production scheduling with MRP/MPS process
Create what-if scenarios with Planning Orders

$ 30.00 /month

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