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100% Microsoft Apps

Having an ERP system is no longer a guarantee of success. These days you need advanced business software just to survive. So Smart, built on the power of Microsoft, is the powerful, yet easy to use software your small business needs.


AI makes your job better

Free your time from boring and repetitive tasks with Microsoft Copilot, increase your productivity and work smarter.

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The art of balancing the books

Monitor receipts and payments, visualise profits and balance sheets, manage assets and month end close. All your accounting needs one integrated and reliable system.

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From production to customer streamline your business processes

Optimize your entire process with integrated sales quotes, sales orders, shipments and returns.  So Smart will give your team full visibility into your production and inventory availability and expected promise dates.

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Orders and procurement

Manage purchasing processes, documents and receipts. Obtain purchase requests and track vendor invoices.

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Inventory and logistics

Items, stocking levels, warehouse processes

Ensure an efficient flow of products received and shipped. All inventory transactions are tracked in detail including real-time inventory valuation.

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Because time is money

Create and track internal and customer facing projects with inventory items and labor. Bill customers with multiple revenue recognition options including cost-plus and milestone billing.

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Manufacturing and assembly

Simple or complex, So Smart can manage your production process

Manage single level Kits (assemblies) and multiple level BOMs and Routings.  Consume and output items by lot and/or serial number if needed.

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Extended Management Accounting

Control and plan business activities

Monitor costs and revenues with budgeting, cash flows, and financial reporting.  Manage multiple companies with intercompany transactions and/or consolidated financials.

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Relationship management

Keep in touch

Manage customer relationships with the full featured CRM. Leads, opportunities, to-dos, and sales automation with workflow can streamline your sales processes.  Never lose a sales opportunity again.

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Manage and monitor services

Enhances the customer experience through effective management of service contracts, oversight of interventions, accurate warranty management, and an efficient repair process, thus ensuring a comprehensive and high-quality service.

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Ensure quality data entry and document quality

Workflows can be created to monitor the data entry of customers, vendors and items, as well as sales and purchase documents.  With controls and approvals, you can feel confident that you data and processes are under control.

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Fast Integration API

Connected and interconnected systems

Easily import all useful data (documents receivable and payable, collection records, etc.) from other management systems: a simple API integration is all that is needed.

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Power BI

From data to information

So Smart includes extensive operational reports to manage your day-to-day tasks. Combined with Microsoft's PowerBI dashboard tool, you can turn data into actionable information your executive team can use.

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Microsoft 365

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

Office 365 tools always at the service of your business: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, Planner. Quality and productivity at the highest level.

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Customer connection

So Smart includes an integration to Shopify. Connect to your e-commerce site with minimal effort and begin shipping Shopify orders within hours.

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Built in integration to WooCommerce

So Smart includes an integration to Woocommerce, the open source WordPress e-commerce plugin. Synchronise products and orders directly in your new ERP without manual double entry of data.

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Prestashop Connector

Enable the connector with your PrestaShop e-commerce site, the open source platform for managing online sales. Synchronise master data and receive orders directly in your management system.

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ShippyPro Connector

Built-in integrations to hundreds of shipping carriers and webshops including FedEX, UPS, USPS, and web sales channels including Ebay, Amazon, Shopify and Magento.  ShippPro will supercharge your shipping processes.

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