Easy management solution for enterprises that want to increase production efficiency and improve order management


Procurement, inventory, batch tracking: everything's under control

If your goals include improving procurement processes, managing inventory by automatically calculating materials to be purchased, tracking lots and serial numbers easily and efficiently, this is the digital management solution for you.

Manage bills of materials

Single or multiple level BOMS are supported

Routings can track work centers (Labor) or machine centers

Real-Time consumption and output

No batch processing. Inventory, labor, and subcontracting all post immediately to manufacturing orders

Make-to-stock, make-to-order, and custom orders all supported out-of-the-box


Define different replenishment models

Automatically create processing orders linked to sales
Automatically create orders based on proposed schedule for stock restoration

Analyze data with Power BI

Sold marginality report

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central incorporates Power BI directly into the main page, allowing users to analyze data and view reports without having to leave the Windows or Web client.

Attach documents to Sharepoint

Office 365 tools are always at the service of your business: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, Planner. Quality and productivity at the highest level.

From accounting to logistics, from customer service to production processes

So Smart supports your business at every stage