Calculate the emissions of your company to make greener decisions for the future, in Microsoft Teams.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Do you want an overview of your company's emissions, location by location? Do you need to view CO2 emissions related to employee travel? Would you like simple diagrams to analyze consumption and make decisions with low environmental impact?


  • Microsoft Teams: Carbon Footprint Calculator runs on Power Apps and works within Microsoft Teams. To run the app, you just have to add it to your company’s Team
  • Interactive Dashboard: gain an overview of your company’s emissions and even of your various business sites on the easy-to-read dashboard
  • Several companies: you can run the app even if you have several companies. Simply add them in the settings and switch between them on the top left corner
  • Custom design: add your own logo and change the colors, so the identity of your company gets reflected
  • Easy-to-read charts: interact with the pie chart to analyze the emissions each sector produces. With the line chart you can identify whether emissions have been reduced or increased over time
  • Add employee trips and car mileage: insert your data to automatically calculate and display your emissions. Simply choose your employee or car, insert the distance and the date, to have it added to your dashboard
  • Energy consumption: on the energy consumption page you can choose a business site, the type of energy and even if it the energy is carbon neutral


The Carbon Footprint Calculator app for Microsoft Teams allows you to identify the "carbon hotspots" in the company and reduce them over time. It also allows you to calculate CO2 emissions to make more sustainable choices...

View your company's emissions overview on the dashboard and learn more with charts and detail entries

Enter the amount of fuel, electricity, or gas your business uses and specify whether the energy sources are emission-free

Add new locations, employees, cars, etc. to the data to be analyzed and customize the app with your logo and colors

Quick guide

Ready to go in a few steps with Carbon Footprint Calculator for Microsoft Teams:

  1. Enter the data to be analyzed
  2. Let the system calculate CO2 emissions
  3. View values and charts in the dashboard

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