Get the most out of orders and supplies


Optimise all steps of the purchasing process and always keep track of the necessary documents. You can plan purchases, define the procurement model, manage purchase orders and record manual and electronic invoices.

Purchasing Planning

Define replenishment models by order or by stock

Drop ships and special orders are standard functionality. Built in purchase requisition functionality with approvals

Purchase Orders

Apply predefined purchase lists and discounts

Email orders to suppliers directly from the system
Tracking the requested and promised delivery date

Flexible Receiving Processes

Purchase Orders can be received and invoiced multiple times to fit your purchasing processes

Purchase orders can also be combined if your vendors combine orders to max fill shipping containers

Vendor Returns are included in the So Smart

Create and ship Purchase Return Orders to track product chain of ownership

Purchase Returns generate Vendor Credits in AP, streamlining the payment process

$ 30.00 /month

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