Microsoft management solution specifically for companies operating as distributors, buying and reselling products

Management software for distribution and trade companies

Cutting costs and increasing efficiency

Manage better accounting, sales processes, purchasing, and inventory. If your goal is to improve efficiency and productivity, cut costs, and gain competitive advantages in the marketplace, this is the ideal solution for your business.

Sales process management

Monitor the process: from offer to sales order fulfillment

Planning sales shipment
Manage direct shipment from supplier to customer

Purchasing process management

Automatically calculate replenishment purchase orders

With safety stock and/or min/max quantities

Warehouse management

Monitor stock and availability of goods

Tracking goods from origin to the final destination
Analyze inventory costs

Analyze data with Power BI

Everything is under control with real-time reports

Sold marginality report
Stock rotation report
Price variation report

Attach documents on Sharepoint

Office 365 tools are always at the service of your business: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, Planner. Quality and productivity at the highest level.

From accounting to logistics, from customer service to production processes

So Smart supports your business at every stage