Simplify the transition to the new ERP with intelligent data migration

Data Migration to facilitate the transition to the new ERP

When considering the transition to a new ERP software, data migration often becomes a critical point for many companies. Concerns about data loss and the complexity of the process are aspects that require special attention.

But what are the expectations from the data migration procedure?

Fast, intuitive, and data integrity-focused

Speed, intuitiveness, and data integrity are elements expected from the data transfer procedure.

Speed in data import is essential to avoid prolonged interruptions in business operations.

Intuitiveness is equally crucial, as clear and accessible guidance significantly simplifies the process to ensure even those less familiar with data migration can navigate without difficulty.

Similarly, data integrity is fundamental to preserving the accuracy and consistency of information during the transition.

These features not only meet user expectations but are essential for an effective data migration process, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring a smooth transition between systems.

The data migration solution offered by So Smart

So Smart's management solution has a fast and intuitive guided procedure for your company's data migration.

Here's how our data migration tool meets the expectations we've just listed.

  1. Speed: during the 30-day free trial of our online management software, you can import your data quickly and efficiently.
  2. Intuitiveness: a step-by-step guide simplifies a process that can often be complex.
  3. Data integrity: farewell to copy-pasting from different Excel or CSV files. So Smart's procedure allows you to import your data, and mapping will ensure data accuracy without the risk of errors.

An assist from artificial intelligence

Among the many tasks where AI can help us in our work, there's also this: AI is at your service to interpret data and place it correctly.

You won't need long migration processes with countless corrections and checks. With So Smart, the only requirement is to have an Excel or CSV extraction ready to start the guided procedure. This will analyze your source file and allow you to map the data to the destination structure.

To further simplify, configuration templates are available for key entities, reducing the amount of information to set up. You can also choose between a simple or advanced migration, depending on your specific needs.

If you don't have an Excel or CSV extraction and prefer to avoid manual data entry, no worries. We'll provide you with an empty Excel template with a simple click.

Moreover, we offer the option to perform test migration several times in the educational environment for testing before transferring data to the production environment (the final one you will be working on).

But what entities can be migrated?

The list is very rich:

  • Customer master data
  • Supplier master data
  • Item master data
  • Asset master data
  • Warehouse stock
  • Open customer items
  • Open supplier items
  • Account balances
  • Asset balances

And not only...

The migration can also involve in-progress documents:

  • In-progress sales orders
  • In-progress purchase orders
  • In-progress jobs
  • Purchase and sales invoices from the beginning of the year to the live date


A smooth data migration is not just a technological transition but a sure step towards a more efficient business future. The ability to navigate through the process smoothly, supported by Artificial Intelligence and intuitive procedures, is the key to ensuring that each piece of data reaches its destination accurately. With a careful approach and cutting-edge technologies, data migration becomes a seamless chapter in the growth and evolution of your business.

So Smart is the 100% Microsoft online management software that helps you automate processes, monitor real-time data, generate analytical reports, and control compliance. So Smart is the cloud solution accessible from any browser, and in addition to your computer, you can also access it from your smartphone or tablet by installing the dedicated app, to monitor and plan your activities at any time. So Smart has a fast and intuitive assisted procedure for migrating your company's data.

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