Are you looking for a management software to run your business? Try So Smart for free for 30 days!

So Smart is the all-in-one management software designed to improve the productivity of small and medium-sized businesses. A single platform to manage the entire company, from accounting and management control to purchasing and sales, from projects and job orders to advanced logistics.

Try So Smart free for 30 days with no commitment and no credit card and see how it can optimize your business time and costs, increase the productivity of your colleagues, and have full control of your business data. All while leveraging Microsoft technologies for business.

The best ERP for small business according to Forbes

A 30-day free trial opens the door to the management software that has been named the best ERP for 2023 by Forbes.

In fact, Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central, the heart of So Smart management system, is the best ERP on the market in 2023, according to the influential U.S. business and investment magazine.

"Microsoft Dynamics 365's Business Central allows you to manage all your manufacturing processes at an affordable price per user. [...] It provides tools to manage all aspects of your manufacturing business, from financial planning, project management, resource planning and production, to warehouse management, inventory, sales, compliance and delivery, and service management."

Moving to the definitive production environment is easy

You can switch from the trial version to the production version (the one that actually works) of So Smart any time. In order to proceed, you need to go to So Smart's online shop and activate the apps you need to meet all the needs of your business.

Increasing efficiency and speed

Simplify and automate business processes to increase time and resource efficiency. Minimize the chances of human error, data loss or duplication, oversights and delays.

Analyzing data in real time

Get accurate and targeted business and financial dashboards and reports. Access reports, metrics, and KPIs with Microsoft's business intelligence tools and AI support to set business strategy based on real-time data.

Integrating all business processes and areas

Integrate all business processes through functions that leverage the latest technologies and enable real-time dialogue with all departments and divisions.

Why taking advantage of the free trial

Much more than a demo; discover and try all the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in an easy and guided way. Free and without commitment.

So Smart is the online management software, based on Microsoft technologies, designed to digitize small businesses and manage them completely online in just a few days... with all the advantages offered by Business Central management, Power BI analytics, and productivity and collaboration software like Excel, Word, Teams, and PowerPoint. A productivity suite which will be even more powerful with the advent of Copilot's AI.

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