Save time and money by automating your company's processes.

automatizzare processi aziendali per risparmiare tempo e soldi

Last week, we started our journey dedicated to '7 questions to evaluate the digitisation of your company'. We started by talking about some key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help you measure how your company is doing and understand whether the digitalization processes you have undertaken are giving you the results you wanted.

At this point, you might also need some examples of processes that you could automate using digital technologies. Let's take a look at the main ones.

Electronic invoicing automation

Using electronic invoicing software can automate the invoicing process, reducing the time needed to create and send invoices to customers.

To measure performance improvements, you could measure:

  • Average time to create an invoice
  • Average time to send an invoice to customers
  • Percentage of error-free invoices issued

Inventory management automation

Using an inventory management system can help monitor stock levels and automatically send replenishment orders when needed.

To measure performance improvements, check:

  • Average inventory level
  • Average time to replenish stock
  • Percentage of replenishment orders sent automatically

Human resources management automation

Using HR software can automate processes such as attendance management, vacation management, performance evaluation, and payroll management. But as we have seen in other cases, you need specific indicators, so measure:

  • Percentage of errors in attendance reports
  • Percentage of performance evaluations completed by the deadline
  • Average time to respond to employee assistance requests

Customer relationship management automation

Using CRM software can help manage customer relationships by monitoring interactions, assistance requests, and sales activities.

In this case, you could evaluate:

  • Average number of customer interactions per month
  • Average time to respond to customer assistance requests
  • Percentage of customers satisfied with the provided assistance activities

Financial management automation

Using accounting software can help manage company finances, simplifying the creation of financial reports, deadline management, and bookkeeping.

So, check:

  • Average time to create financial reports
  • Percentage of tax deadlines met
  • Average number of errors in accounting records

These are just some examples of internal processes that can be automated through the use of digital technologies. Process automation can lead to greater efficiency and productivity, allowing the company to focus on higher value-added activities and improving the quality of service offered to customers.

By regularly monitoring the KPIs we have given as examples, it will be possible to evaluate the improvement of business performance in these five aspects and make any necessary corrections to achieve the set goals.

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