7 questions to evaluate the digitisation of your company

7 domande per valutare la digitalizzazione della tua azienda

Digitalisation is like a cooking recipe: if used correctly, it can lead to delicious dishes and tasty business successes! That is why everyone wants to digitise their companies, and you have probably already started some digitisation processes in yours.

Often these are initiatives made with great momentum and enthusiasm, and unfortunately, for this very reason, disappointments can be around the corner. So it is best to stop for a moment and ask yourself a few questions.

We have collected 7 questions here that can serve as a compass to see whether what you have done so far on the road to digitisation is right, or whether you can do better. Let us look at them together:

  1. What business goals have I set for the digitisation of my company and how am I measuring their success?
  2. Which internal processes have I automated through the use of digital technologies and how much have they been improved in terms of efficiency and productivity?
  3. How have I used the data collected through my digital systems to improve the understanding of my customers and to optimise my product and service offering?
  4. How have I improved the customer experience through the use of digital technologies such as websites, apps or chatbots?
  5. How am I managing the security of my company and customer data through the use of digital technologies?
  6. What challenges am I facing during the digitisation process of my business and how am I addressing these challenges?
  7. What are the new business opportunities that digitisation is offering me and how am I exploiting these opportunities for the growth of my business?

Answering these questions can help you assess whether the digitisation path your company is on is progressing well and whether there are any areas where it could improve.

In the coming weeks we will go into more detail and see how you can use these questions operationally.

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