Store management integrated with back office ERP and accounting software

Store management integrated with back office ERP

In the past 5 years, retail companies have seen a level of change that has been unprecedented in modern times. While traditional brick and mortar retail outlets are still the foundation of most communities, those same retail businesses are under increasing pressure to adapt to a new, largely e-commerce based business model.

In order to survive, direct to consumer/retail businesses must adapt new technology to better manage a number of internal processes in order to ensure the efficient and profitable operation of their company. Some of those processes are as follows:

  1. Over-the-counter sales: quick and efficient management of direct in-store sales.
  2. Supply management: automated order management based upon stocking levels that can quickly and efficiently create replenishment orders for fast-moving products.
  3. Internal production management: in the case where the items sold are produced internally within the company, it is necessary to plan and manage production with the consumption of raw materials and the output of the finished product.
  4. Inventory management: in the case of both resale and in-house production, it is essential to keep track of inventory availability that is updated in real time.
  5. E-commerce sales: even the smallest of retail locations today will often maintain multiple on-line sales channels to augment their physical store revenues. Automated order processing with real-time product availability of in-store inventory is considered a minimum level of functionality within an on-line shopping cart by consumers these days.

The Point of Sale app from So Smart

With So Smart all of your retail and back-office business processes are managed within a single, integrated solution that is easy to setup and easy to manage day-to-day. Spend less time in the back office and focus more of your time and energy on finding new customers and growing your business.

Point of sale order processing

A simple to use yet very functional point-of-sale order screen has been designed for multiple customer facing scenarios. You can quickly and easily process cash transactions, customer account purchases, or any combination of these.

Within the point-of-sale order screen, items can be searched by code, description, attribute, or by using a bar code reader to automatically fill in the item number and quantity. If needed, real-time product availability is available to the store employee and customer to determine if/when the desired quantity will be available for purchase if the current item is out of stock. Quantity on hand and quantity available are immediately updated at the conclusion of each sales transaction.

If the customer account is used during the sales transaction, historical sales by item and customer will also be updated real-item for detailed sales reporting and analysis.

What are the advantages of using the Point of Sale app?

Leveraging the Point of Sale software integrated with the other So Smart business apps has significant advantages to your business. Eliminating paper/spreadsheet processes for a single, fully integrated system for inventory (Warehouse and Logistics), purchasing, ash in-house production (Manufacturing and assembly) will reduce data entry work and increase employee productivity. Automated e-commerce sales integrations with Shopify, Prestashop, Woocommerce, and others will grow your sales with little investment or additional headcount.

Automate your retail business and begin your digital transformation with So Smart, powered by Dynamics 365 Business Central.

So Smart is the fastest and easiest way to enter the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The solution that helps you automate processes, monitor data in real time, produce analytical reports and monitor compliance. For companies with point-of-sale operations, So Smart offers tools to manage counter sales, replenishment, in-house production, inventory and e-commerce. So Smart is the cloud solution that can be accessed from any browser but, in addition to your computer, you can also access it from a smartphone or tablet by installing the app to monitor and plan your activities at all times and is 100 percent secured by Microsoft Azure.

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