ShippyPro and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central together are stronger thanks to So Smart connector

From the partnership between ShippyPro - the leading platform in the management of shipments thanks to integration with over 160 couriers and 70 marketplaces - and So Smart, the ShippyPro Connector has been created: an app that will allow worldwide users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to benefit from the services and the advantages of ShippyPro and manage their logistics processes even more efficiently, easily and quickly from a single platform.


ShippyPro is a platform that provides shipping management services for distribution and trade and manufacturing companies. The platform allows you to integrate multiple couriers into a single system, simplifying shipment management, label printing and package tracking. Moreover, ShippyPro offers advanced features such as shipping automation, returns management and detailed reporting to analyze logistics performance.

ShippyPro Connector's features

Our ShippyPro Connector allows immediate management of packages, as well as couriers, printing of labels, waybills and checking the status of each shipment from a single platform.

With the integration developed for ShippyPro it will be possible to extend the functionality of managing shipments in Business Central:

  • Defining the packages contained in each shipment,
  • Choosing a courier connected to ShippyPro,
  • Generating the waybills,
  • Monitoring in real time and sending notifications on the status of the shipment,
  • Supporting companies in the management of returns.

Frequent questions about ShippyPro Connector and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

For which companies will its use be ideal?

  • Distribution and trade
  • Manufacturing

Why should customers choose it?

  • To link Business Central and ShippyPro, avoiding managing shipments on two programs
  • To optimize the logistic workflow

Which are the advantages of adoption?

  • Increasing productivity of shipping workers
  • Monitor the status of shipments

Main features:

  • Packages definitions
  • Printing of waybills
  • Update shipping status and tracking
  • Shippers (Download only those that have been set by the user on the ShippyPro portal)

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