Optimizing the supply chain to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs

Optimizing the supply chain: more efficiency and lower costs

Efficient management of the supply chain is crucial for the success of any business. A fundamental component of this process is the supply strategy, which involves planning and executing activities aimed at ensuring the constant availability of necessary products. In this article, we will explore different supply strategies that companies can adopt to optimize their supply chain and improve customer satisfaction.

Demand and Supply Planning

Accurate market demand analysis is essential for predicting future needs.

So Smart allows you to define demand forecasts accurately to plan the supply accordingly.

Annual Demand Forecast
Annual Demand Forecast

Stock Management

Maintaining a balance between stock availability and the risk of obsolescence is crucial.

So Smart allows you to define different stock profiles for various types of products:

  • Lot for Lot: a flexible reordering method that follows demand patterns, ideal for less customized products with highly variable demand.
  • Fixed Reorder Quantity: a reordering method that ensures a consistent stock level, ideal for low-cost products with a low risk of obsolescence.
  • Maximum Quantity: a reordering method that ensures never exceeding a certain stock level, ideal for low-cost products with a low risk of obsolescence.

You have access to a detailed overview of suggested reorders and any variations to be made to the already-entered purchase and production plan.

Planning schedules
Planning schedules

Emergency Management

Preparation for emergency situations is deciding. Planning alternatives and having contingency plans can mitigate the negative impacts of unforeseen disruptions.

The winning strategy is to define substitute products in case of stock out and alternative suppliers with better replenishment lead times, and have an control dashboard available that immediately notifies critical situations.

Critical Dashboard Control
Critical Dashboard Control


Adopting a well-thought-out replenishment strategy is vital for maintaining an efficient and resilient supply chain. Companies that implement these strategies are better able to adapt to the challenges of the constantly evolving market and deliver products in a timely and reliable manner, thereby contributing to the long-term success of the company.

So Smart is the 100% Microsoft online management software that helps you automate processes, monitor real-time data, generate analytical reports, and ensure compliance. So Smart is the cloud solution accessible from any browser, and in addition to your computer, you can also access it from smartphones or tablets by installing the dedicated app, allowing you to monitor and plan your activities at any time. So Smart provides advanced tools for supply chain management, keeping you one step ahead of your competition.

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