Microsoft 365 mobile: Word, Excel and PowerPoint productivity in pocket size

Microsoft 365 (available for Android and iOS) brings the productive power of the software we've been using on our PCs for many years to your mobile device. Let's see how and why.

But how did we get to Microsoft 365, and why is it no longer called Office?

From Office to Microsoft 365

The main difference between Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 is that Microsoft Office is a traditional software suite that includes popular applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, while Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based solution that offers access to the Office applications along with a range of additional services.

Microsoft Office is typically purchased as a perpetual license, meaning that you pay once to have access to specific versions of the Office applications. This traditional model requires the installation of the applications on the local device, and licenses need to be separately updated to obtain new features and security updates.

On the other hand, Microsoft 365 is a subscription that provides a more dynamic and up-to-date experience. It includes the Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but with the subscription, you also get access to the latest versions of the applications and their related automatic updates. Additionally, Microsoft 365 offers additional services such as cloud storage with OneDrive, communication and collaboration with Microsoft Teams, advanced security, and other constantly improved and added features.

In short, Microsoft 365 is more than just a software suite: it is a comprehensive solution that combines always-updated Office applications with cloud services and additional features, providing users with greater flexibility, collaboration, and access to their data from any internet-connected device.

Microsoft 365 mobile apps for Android and iOS

It's not hard to admit that for many of us, Microsoft 365 is synonymous with working on a PC. We get comfortable at our desks, open our laptops, and start writing texts (letters, offers, blog posts) with Word. We analyze numerical series in the form of charts to plan business finances (expenses, revenue) with Excel. We create presentations to explain our ideas to colleagues and clients with PowerPoint.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your smartphone

But how many times have you needed to quickly consult a document, show sales charts in front of the coffee machine, or make small corrections right then and there, knowing that if you don't do them immediately, you'll probably forget?

Microsoft 365 mobile is more than the sum of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft 365 mobile combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into a single app and adds new features that allow you to create content and perform tasks, leveraging the capabilities of mobile devices and increasing your productivity.

To have all this, you just need to go to the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS, download the app, install it, and sign in with your Microsoft 365 account.

All your files on Microsoft 365 mobile

When you open the app, the first thing you'll see is the recent documents you've worked on, and in the top right corner, you'll notice the folder icon. From this folder, you have access to all your files organized exactly as you find them in your OneDrive: all your files are at your fingertips, and now you can open, edit, and save them.

Microsoft 365 mobile offers a unique opportunity: access to all your files and the ability to make simple edits wherever you are, saving valuable time and accelerating work even when you're not comfortably seated at your desk. Whether it's quickly consulting a document, making small corrections or updates, or reviewing an important presentation before a meeting, Microsoft 365 mobile puts an entire suite of productivity tools at your fingertips, allowing you to work on the go and maintain continuity in your work activities.

But that's not all.

Some useful features of Microsoft 365

Signing PDFs

Signing feature offered by Microsoft 365 mobile is a useful resource that simplifies and speeds up the signing process. It allows you to sign documents directly from your mobile device, eliminating the need to print, manually sign, and scan the documents.

Scan to PDF

This feature enables you to easily transform physical documents into PDF formats using the camera of your mobile device. With a simple snapshot, you can convert paper documents like receipts, contracts, or book pages into digital PDF files. This eliminates the need for traditional scanners or manually transferring images to the computer for PDF conversion.

The scanned PDF documents can be easily stored in the Microsoft 365 cloud, such as OneDrive, allowing access from any internet-connected device. Additionally, the scanned PDF files can be quickly shared via email, messaging, or other communication applications, simplifying the sharing of important information with colleagues, clients, or partners.

Image to Text

The "Image to Text" feature of Microsoft 365 mobile allows you to convert text within an image into an editable text format. Essentially, this feature uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to recognize text within the image and transform it into digital text.

Book pages, newspaper articles, printed documents—editing text has never been easier. Once the text has been extracted from the image and converted into a text format, you can make edits, corrections, or additions to the text using Microsoft 365 mobile applications like Word or OneNote. This eliminates the need to retype the text or manually copy it from an image.

All these features offer greater flexibility, efficiency, and accessibility, making it easier to edit, share, search, and automate workflows, thereby improving productivity and information organization.

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