Improve procurement and create your orders automatically according to your company's needs

migliora l'approvvigionamento e crea i tuoi ordini in automatico

Have you ever had problems procuring goods for your business? Perhaps you have had to deal with delayed deliveries or the need to place urgent orders to meet your customers' demands. In these cases, procurement management can become a real nightmare.

But now there is a solution: So Smart. It is a procurement management software that allows you to procure goods quickly and easily, with just a few clicks.

How does the procurement management software work?

So Smart automatically creates orders to suppliers based on the needs of your business, taking into account various factors such as promised delivery dates to customers, waiting time for suppliers, orders already in the pipeline and minimum quantities required by suppliers.

But what if there are problems? Don't worry, So Smart's procurement engine automatically calculates any critical situations and notifies you in real time, without worrying about remembering it.

What are the advantages of using So Smart?

Firstly, it allows you to improve delivery times to your customers, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to your business. In addition, optimal supply management can lead to a reduction in logistics costs, thanks to activities rationalization.

But there's more: by using So Smart, you have the opportunity to buy larger quantities at lower costs. This allows you to save product purchasing costs and improve your profitability.

In short, So Smart is the ideal solution for those who want to improve their goods procurement management and ensure efficient logistics processes. Try it now and see the difference!

So Smart is the online management software, based on Microsoft technologies, designed to digitize small businesses and manage them completely online in just a few days... with all the advantages offered by Business Central management, Power BI analytics, and productivity and collaboration software like Excel, Word, Teams, and PowerPoint. A productivity suite which will be even more powerful with the advent of Copilot's AI.

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