Items, stock, handling. It all adds up.

Inventory and Logistics

With So Smart, you can setup inventory processes to fit your business.  From receiving to shipping, you can track where every item is at any moment, including the lot and/or serial number if needed.

Detailed receiving and shipping

Receiving and shipping QA if needed, with auto printing of shipping documents

Track when product arrived and who received and put them away

Full Warehouse Management

Setup Zones and Bins if needed for detailed tracking

Segment warehouse by special handling, refrigerated, frozen, and others
Create break-bulk, movements, pick refresh, and other internal transactions

Suggestion: inventory costing

So Smart can support all inventory costing methods

You can even track cost to a specific serial number or lot

Full traceability

Full Lot or Serial tracking through your warehouse

Traceability set by individual item

$ 30.00 /month

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