The importance of ERP software for business

Gli step da seguire per adottare un ERP in azienda

On 21/03/2024 Agenda Digitale published an interesting article that highlights the importance of adopting an ERP software for a company looking to grow its business. In the words of the author, Giuditta Mosca, “managing business flows intelligently, automating them, and using data useful to multiple company departments is a real must”. A theory that So Smart fully embraces.

Furthermore, the article outlines the process of implementing an ERP solution. Let's see how SO Smart meets the needs of various types of businesses.

Implementing an ERP software can have various types of installations: on-premise, where the software is implemented on proprietary in-house hardware infrastructure, requiring consideration of installation and maintenance costs; in the Cloud, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) distribution mode, or hybrid.

So Smart is an ERP system that relies solely on the Microsoft Cloud with all the advantages that entails:

  • Continuous updates
  • Service continuity
  • Automatic backups

It offers all services in a single all-inclusive monthly pay-per-user subscription: implementation, training, data import, support.

The article goes through the main phases of the “ERP implementation process,” let's see how the So Smart offering adapts and simplifies this process.


Adopting an ERP software requires careful planning involving all necessary resources, from management to operations. Considering the business model and company characteristics.

To meet the specific needs of different business sectors and models, So Smart offers a wide range of functionalities. These include support for retail sales (B2C), such as integration with e-commerce and management of point of sale with fiscal printers. Additionally, it covers the distribution of resale items or internally produced goods, managing both procurement planning and production of finished goods. Finally, it also supports custom projects for the realization of plants/infrastructure and project services. It provides tools for resource planning, budget cost estimation, billing plan management, and monitoring of actual performance.

Gathering Information from Suppliers

Choosing an ERP software provider is a delicate choice because we are not only talking about someone who offers a product but also consultancy for digitalization and any revision of business processes. This gives the provider fundamental importance for business growth.

One of the most important factors is to analyze the solution to understand if it allows to achieve the company's main Business Needs. This process can be done through a product demo or a trial period.

With So Smart, our customers are not only choosing a single supplier, but a product made by Microsoft 100%. In fact, it is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution recognized globally as the first ERP in the SME segment by specialized magazines such as Forbes and Gartner.
By choosing So Smart, in addition to the possibility of obtaining a product demo, we offer a free 30-day trial period accompanied by one of our consultants for the analysis of business objectives and their management on the solution.


A very delicate phase is the configuration of the solution which must involve key-users for analysis and testing. The decisions made in this phase become fundamental for subsequent use.

So Smart offers a pre-configured basic system inspired by best practices developed for the sector with the possibility of proceeding to the last mile of configuration in a guided manner with the support of expert consultants. This methodology allows the company to focus only on strategic choices neglecting basic settings not relevant to the business. Moreover, this approach allows to reduce implementation times by 80%.

Release of the ERP solution and Subsequent Maintenance

At the end of the implementation phase, a defined go-live phase is initiated before moving on to the support phase. The start-up requires the involvement of all users who must have received the necessary training to use the product. Finally, we will move on to the maintenance phase of the solution and support.

So Smart offers training paths based on a “learning by doing” strategy supported by always available video tutorials, chatbots for assistance requests, and support from consultants. Thanks to these tools, the response is fast and the resolution of issues increasingly immediate.

A unique offer, but not only: effective, fast, and simple. A complex process like choosing and implementing a new ERP becomes So Smart to help companies focus on business goals as quickly as possible!

What about costs?

Thanks to the configurability of the system, which adapts to the specific needs of each client without requiring costly customizations, dedicated remote support, and cloud usage that eliminates installation and server maintenance costs, the So Smart solution represents a financially advantageous option for companies. Furthermore, being based on Microsoft technology, it offers a high-quality software guaranteed by a technology giant, ensuring reliability and superior performance.

So Smart is the simplest and fastest way to enter the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The solution that helps you automate processes, monitor real-time data, produce analytical reports, and control compliance. The cloud-based solution and proven configuration methodologies allow you to speed up Go-Live times and reduce activation costs, while the configurable nature of the management system allows it to adapt very well to very different companies. So Smart is the cloud solution accessible from any browser, but in addition to your computer, you can also access it from your smartphone or tablet by installing the appropriate app, to monitor and plan your activities at any time, and it is 100% Microsoft software.

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