Customize Business Central Reports in Microsoft Word

Customize the documents generated by Business Central in Microsoft Word.

Customizing the printing of documents generated by Business Central directly in Microsoft Word allows you to create unique and professional business documents. Among the many customizable documents in Word, the most commonly used are certainly sales quotes, purchase orders, shipping documents, and sales invoices. Let's go through the necessary steps in this short post. If you want to customize your reports in Business Central, here's what you need to do:

1. Export the report layout to Word

In Business Central, choose the report layout to customize, export it, and open the file directly in Word.

2. Insert the company logo

Place the logo of your company at the top of the document. You can do this by dragging and dropping the image into the document or using the "Insert" option in Word's menu bar.

3. Customize the header and footer

Go to "Insert" and select "Header" or "Footer." Customize these sections by adding the company name, address, contacts, and any additional information you want to display on each page.

4. Text and color formatting

Choose a professional font for the main text of the document. Ensure that the text is readable and consistent with your brand image. You can also customize text and background colors using Word's formatting options.

5. Insert document details and dynamic fields

The layout exported from Business Central already provides the main details of the document.

You can modify the order in which this data is printed, delete those you want to hide, or add any other data present in the Business Central document, thanks to the XML Mapping tool.

Customize the contents of the report using XML mapping.
Customize the contents of the report using XML mapping.

6. Use of Formulas for Automatic Calculations

If you want to include additional numerical information beyond the values calculated by Business Central, you can easily do so with Word formulas. Select the cell where you want the result to appear and insert a formula using the toolbar.

7. Insertion of Notes

Add spaces for notes, which can include important information such as discounts, supply conditions, and other specific notes.

8. Review and Test Printing

Before printing the customized documents, conduct a thorough review. Ensure that all information is correct, and the document has a professional appearance. Import the new layout into Business Central and run the report to see how the printed document will appear.

Customised report layouts
Customised report layouts

9. Saving the Template

Once you have finished customizing your document, set it as the default template for subsequent prints directly in Business Central.

Select report layout
Select report layout

By following these steps, you will be able to professionally customize the printing of Business Central documents in Microsoft Word to align with your company's image.

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